What does Actiquest actually do?

2 min readDec 9, 2023

Actiquest develops multimodal generative AI solutions augmented with computer vision and natural language processing for robotics, healthcare and sports. Impressed? We are.

Actiq AI Sport Coaches

In Sports, Actiquest is developing technology for AI sport coaches (human digital twins) based on a combination of RLHF, decision making, computer vision and generative AI. The technology allows human coaches to digitize the training process via autonomous AI-twin coaches using a mobile app to train, track and consult athletes remotely. Supported sports include tennis, golf, power training, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, and rehabilitation gymnastics.

Human to Robot learning platform

In Robotics, Actiquest creates a Human-Robot learning platform. It realizes generalizable knowledge learning using natural language. The project helps automate industrial projects by utilizing robots and allowing better performance on novel tasks. The system uses reinforcement learning to create a platform for robots to learn and adapt to new applications.

Actimedica: AI Health Assistants

In Healthcare Actiquest runs several initiatives for holistic patient assessments using a multimodal approach utilizes Generative AI, Computer Vision, NLP and IoT via a Virtual Health Assistants (VHA) platform. AI powered VHA’s assists physicians with routine work at EHR/EMR systems and improves patient care workflow.

Actiquest is bolstering its Advisory Board with the inclusion of distinguished individuals. Just google this name: Ty Vachon.

Dr. Tyler Vachon

Dr. Tyler Vachon is a practicing radiologist, speaker, and author on machine learning in medical imaging and healthcare. He served as a Naval Flight Surgeon and is Board certified by the American Board of Radiology. Over the past four years, he has collaborated with various companies to introduce AI into the medical sphere.

He stands ready to guide Actiquest’s development in the spheres of sports and healthcare.